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In this post am explaining how to install custom firmwares on your SAMSUNG WAVE S8520 and S8500.

Before flashing your mobile phone:

1. Check the version of your Firmware, press *#1234#.

2. Back up all the data and contacts of your device.

3. Remove SIM card and Memory card.

Things Required for Flashing Your Mobile :

1. USB cable.

2. Samsung USB DRIVER installed on your PC. Get it here


4. Latest SAMSUNG WAVE2(S8530) FIRMWARE(original firmware is recommended). In some firmwares you may get MULTILOADER V 5.65 and SAMSUNG USB DRIVER along with firmware files. The below are the list of Samsung Wave2 (S8530) Firmwares version 1.2 & 2.0.Download any one  of these firmwares.

After downloading the files try any of these two passwords to extract them:



Firmwares for Samsung Wave S8530:

Europe Samsung S8530 Firmwares
Europe Firmware  Bada  CSC Date  Download 
S8530XXJK2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK1 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJK3 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK3 2010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8530XEJK6 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Slav 2010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXJK9 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe-Common_EPLJK8 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJKA 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK7 2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJL1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_KPNJK9 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XXJL2  1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_XXJK7 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XEJL2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_CISJL2 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XEJL4 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_CISJL2 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530XXKC1 1.2  CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA 2011 March DOWNLOAD 
S8530XEKC1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Slav 2011 March DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXKE1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXFJK3 2011 May DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXKF1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXF 2011 June DOWNLOAD 
S8530XXKF1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXF 2011 June DOWNLOAD
S8530XPKD6 2.0.1 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_KD6 2011 April DOWNLOAD
S8530XPKG5 2.0.1 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_KG5  2011 July DOWNLOAD 
S8530XPKG6 2.0.1 CSC_S8530_Open_Europe_Common_OXA_KG6 2011 July DOWNLOAD  

Asia Samsung S8530 Firmwares
Asia Firmware Bada  CSC Date Download
S8530DDJK3                                      1.2       CSC_S8530_India_ODD                                                                                          2010 November  DOWNLOAD  
S8530DXJK5 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_JK4     2010 November DOWNLOAD
S8530DXJL1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_JL1 2010 December DOWNLOAD
S8530ZTKB2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Taiwan 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530ZHKB2 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_Hongkong 2011 February  DOWNLOAD 
S8530DXKB1 1.2  CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_KB1 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530DXKB1  1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_KB1 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530DDKB2 1.2 2011 February DOWNLOAD 
S8530ZCKD1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_China 2011 April DOWNLOAD 
S8530DXKF1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Open_SEAsia_OLB_KB1 2011 June DOWNLOAD  
S8530DDKF1 1.2 2011 June DOWNLOAD
Service Provider Samsung S8530 Firmwares.
Provider Firmware 
S8530CXJK3 1.2 CSC_S8530_PLUS 2010 November DOWNLOAD 
S8530PMJL1 1.2 CSC_S8530_PRT 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BWJL 1.2  ——————————— 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BUJL1 1.2  ——————————— 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BOJL3 1.2 CSC_S8530_TMobile_DTM 2010 December DOWNLOAD 
S8530BVKA1 1.2  ——————————— 2011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8530PMKA1 1.2  ——————————— 2011 January  DOWNLOAD 
S8530BOKA2 1.2 CSC_S8530_TMobile_DTM 2011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8530BUKA2 1.2 CSC_S8530_VodafoneLite 2011 January DOWNLOAD 
S8530BOKC1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Tmobile_DTM 2011 March DOWNLOAD 
S8530AGKC1 1.2 CSC_S8530_Bouygues 2011 March DOWNLOAD
S8500PMKE2 1.2 CSC_S8530_PRT 2011 May DOWNLOAD
S8500BRKE2 1.2  ——————————— 2011 May DOWNLOAD
                                  It’s recommended to download Service provider firmwares because of their reliability and efficiency.

                                                    Now BADA 2.0.1 is available for download over the net.Check out following video demonstration of BADA 2.0.1 in action on Samsung Wave S8530

New features of BADA 2.0.1:
– Menu option available on screen.(which reduces the need for always pressing the button.)
– Dolphin Browser installed as the default browser & is super fast.
– Smooth multitouch in the browser and the gallery
– Battery percentage option available.
– Third party theme support
– New camera look with touch feature.
– Phone mutes when turned upside down
 Download any of the above Firmwares and extract it.The extracted folder consists of the following files.
1. Boot files.
2. amms.
3. apps-compressed file.
4. .fota file.
5. CSC file.
6. Factory file.
7. Rsrc1 file.
8. Rsrc2 file.
9. file
                                                       If any of the above files are missing, then g another link and download another firmware.
Firmware update steps:
1. Switch off your mobile and put it in  Download Mode by pressing ( Volume DOWN + Camera key + Power Button ) all at once.
3. Click on Port search.It will recognize your phone in any of the ports at the bottom of the MULTILOADER as— Ready[wave].
                                                If its now showing once again click on Port search and check your driver details once .If Samsung wave2 USB driver is not installed then you can’t connect your phone to Multi    loader.So download and install SAMSUNG WAVE2 USB DRIVER.
4. Click on  LSI at the top.
5. Check the BOOT CHANGE ( confirm with a right tick beside Boot change)
6. Click Boot button and locate Boot files on your computer Hard Drive.
7. check FULL DOWNLOAD.(confirm with a right tick beside fill download)
8. Now you have too select these files each one in his field: Amss, Apps,  Rsrc1,  Rsrc2, Factory FS, CSC,  SHP APP, FOTA, same as BOOT FILES. Leave last three (Tune,ETC,PSF )  buttons.
9. Check MASTER ROM button  beside full download (confirm with a right tick beside full download).
9. Press on Port Search button to check good connection with phone.
10.Click on Download button to start updating your phone.
11. Do Not touch or remove cable from the phone till the operation finished.After finishing download it will display updation finished or Download complete.
12. Disconnect your phone from PC by removing USB cable.
13. Switch your phone on.It will ask for Date and Time settings.It mat restart one or two times.
                                 Be careful while locating BOOT FILES and checking  BOOT CHANGEFULL DOWNLOAD andMASTER ROM.
            follow all the steps and update your SAMSUNG WAVE2 S8530 BADA 1.2 to BADA 2.0. successfully. I upgraded my WAVE2  BADA 1.2 TO BADA 2.0.1 by following above steps.

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