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Microsoft Safety & Security Center provides a free online security scanners, tools, and safety guidelines for your PC. Its password checker allows you to check the strength of your password. For more security of your accounts, you can check out your passwords at this site. The strength of a password depends on the different types of characters that you use, the overall length of the password, and whether the password can be found in a dictionary i.e. you password should contain upper, lower cases and special symbols as well. It should atleast be 8 character long.

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Steven Wor

Have you ever wanted to be able to communicate with people from other countries in their own language? If yes, you may struggle, because it takes a lot of time and nerves to learn different language. Well, Microsoft may have a solution for you. The company has demonstrated software that can not only translate your words into other language, but also it can do it in your voice, keeping the accent, timbre and intonation.

Rick Rashid, Microsoft’s chief research officer, shows in a demo, prototype of the software  and he says a long sentence in English. Then the program has it translated into Spanish, Italia and Mandarin. According to you can  hear an edge of digitized “Microsoft Sam,” but overall it’s remarkable how the three translations still sound just like Rashid.

In order for the translation system to do its work it needs about an hour of training…

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                                                                                      It looks like BADA 2.0 is ready to release in some countries via Kies . But they are waiting for approval of the second level of update over kies for the headquarter in Korea . Which has told to release in the update in the  second quarter so we hope that we can get BADA 2.0 released for some other countries in 2-3 Weeks.