#Chinese official BADA2.0 firmware for #Samsung #Wave1 & #Wave2

Posted: March 22, 2012 in BADA, SAMSUNG
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                                         This firmware is the latest official  Chinese Firmware for Samsung wave1 and wave2.
Though it is an official Chinese firmware, it has English language option.So that even other countries can use this firmware.

Added Features

1. First Time the Official firmware has a Call Recording Option Inbuilt So now you can record calls even without the use of any third party software and also this feature works flawlessly.

2.It also has an option in Voice Recoder app to cut your recorded calls or cut your recorded voice the way you want it.

3.There is a Packet data On/Off button also added in the top bar and now the top bar buttons are in the order.

Wi-fi |Bluetooth|Sound|Data|Auto rotation

4. New Set of wallpapers.In settings –>display there is festive wallpaper option.

5. In call settings Phone No. Locator In Settings–> Call .

6. IP calling (Don’t Know about this feature should be some VoIP thing for Chinese people).

7.  Auto silent In Settings –> General

Earlier Problems That Have been Solved

1.Fast responsive and no lags.

2.Looks to have a better memory management very less “Low Memory” popups even when I Run many apps In the background.

3. The browser doesn’t show “Page Too Large” problem as we saw in many bada firmwares.

4.Better battery life but not great.





1.SAMSUNG WAVE2 (S8530).



This is an official Chinese  firmware. I observed the following problems in this firmware,

1.  Navigation is not working properly.

2. No IM ( Gtalk, Yahoo, WM )

3. No Voice recognition.

4. Many Chinese apps

5. No Facebook.

6. Emails for gmail, windows ,yahoo has to be manually configured

7. Community upload has only Chinese communities.

It is well suited for China.

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