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Good News for Belgium and Balatic Samsung users. Now bada 2.0 is available for Belgium and Balatic. Peolple living in this region can now safely download Bada 2.0 through kies.

If you want to download this firmware then Download them from the links below.

S8530XXLB2 2 2012 March S8530TLBLB1 Belgium Download
S8530XXLB1 2 2012 March S8530OXFLB2 Baltic Download

Steven Wor


GSM Helpdesk revealed a photo that shows the new Galaxy S III and some of the characteristics of the phone, which sounds realistic, so they might be true. According to the site the smartphone will have 4,7″ SuperAMOLED Plus HD screen with 1280 x 720 pixels resulution, 131,3 x 63,7 x 8 mm – size, 12MP camera with 1080p video (60fps) and 1,5GH quad-core processor.

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Apple vs Nokia

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Apple

Steven Wor

This time the battle between the two giants is for the standardization of the nanoSIM, the next step in the evolution of the SIM cards. The two companies has their own suggestion. Apple relies on the use of mobile SIM card tray, on the other hand Nokia has released their opinion on the topic and they said Apple’s proposal does not satisfy the initial requirements of ETSI, while that of Nokia, RIM and Motorola does.

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