#ELITE ROM v4.0 for SAMSUNG WAVE2 (GT-S8530)|#INDIAN Region

Posted: April 17, 2012 in BADA, SAMSUNG
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                                                              This ROM ELITE ROM v4.0 is the successor of the ELITE ROM v3.0 created by TEAM ELITE. This ROM is specially developed for INDIAN REGION.

NOTE: This firmware supports only ENGLISH language, So users of other countries can flash this firmware.



Main Features

-All Java Apps & games are ripped off

-All Ringtones & wallpapers are ripped off

-All widgets are ripped off

-Opera Mini & Google Maps on main menu

-Removed Navigation , Task , Caster , Google , Chat On

-Keyboard is very fast & smooth & support Swype T9 for all languages

-SMS & MMS Recipients increased from 10 to 300.

-Voice call recorder added

-Front Camera button available in camera app

-Any key to make LCD on

-Battery Percentage indicator Activated by default

-Bluetooth Secure connection is off & Remote Sim Mode activated

-Better GPS

-Support for RTL languages (Right to left languages)

-Display of Hidden Phone partitions with normal Usb connection

-Custom view off SMS (Black background with words written in white font)

-Wifi & Phone sound are tweaked

-can multitask 5 Java apps (if Java apps support running in background)

-Voice Recorded IT3 Tag is moded to be able to use recorded files for voice recognition

Note : apps_compressed2.bin file included in the rom for flashing. By flashing this file your phone will be hacked and kies will detect your phone as S8600 and you can install all the bada 2.0 apps and games on your S8530.



Please flash this ROM at your own risk,we will not take any responsibility if your bricked while flashing  or using this ROM.


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