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This is an Official BADA  2.0 firmware for HONG KONG SAMSUNG WAVE 575 users.

It support ENGLISH language, so other regions people can also flash this firmware. Flash the firmware using Multi loader V 4.0.


                         Firmware takes time on the first boot. So please wait until the installation finishes itself.Please don’t try to remove the connection or Battery.


1. It’s a tested firmware.

2. A good firmware for Basic users.

3. It might supports live wallpapers.

4. Dolphin Browser same as in Samsung Wave2 (S8530).

5. Social Hub is working.


1.  The firmware has only Three icons space (On the Home screen it displays only 3 icons ).

2. Very poor ROM management.

3. No apps available in SAMSUNG store.

4. Doesn’t support STUNE, So we can’t install third party themes.

5. All the animations are removed.

6. Battery drains on 3G very quickly like Android.


BADA 2.0 firmware for SAMSUNG WAVE S5750


Please flash the firmware at your own risk. We doesn’t take any responsibility if your phone bricked while flasing or using this firmware